Aims of the Croatian Statistical Association (CSA)

According to the Statutes of Croatian Statistical Association (CSA):

The aim of the CSA is active participation in the development of statistical theory and practice, improving statistics and raising the general statistical culture.

The CSA is achieving the referred aim through the following activities:

  • joining physical or legal entities who are engaged in statistical theory and practice and those who recognize the content of their work in the program of the Association;
  • supporting scientific, research and professional work, popularization of the profession and the overall development and promotion of activities of official statistics and statistical profession;
  • cooperation and connection with related companies and bodies, exchange of knowledge, experience and professional training of members of the Association;
  • doing efforts on the scientific research approach to statistical strategic and program documents;
  • giving opinions on issues related to the statistical system, the introduction of new statistical activities, the methodological basis for more comprehensive and/or important statistical surveys etc., organizing and participating in the scientific and professional conferences, symposia, congresses, conferences, seminars, lectures and stands in the field of statistics and other subject areas;
  • the release papers, debates and magazines of the Association in accordance with special regulations and informing members about it’s activities;
  • consideration of the impact from the teaching and educational programs in the field of statistics;
  • establishment of expert statistical library in accordance with special regulations and its enrichment newer releases and other professional literature;
  • giving awards and other recognition for its work in the field of statistical activities;
  • providing opinions, proposals and objections to the regulations governing or affecting the area of ​​official statistics;
  • encouraging and promoting international cooperation in the field of statistics;
  • and other activities in compliance with the law and decisions of the CSAs Assembly toward the goal of establishing a particular Statute.