Special Sessions – Call for Organizers

The 3rd International Statistical Conference in Croatia (ISCCRO’20), 7-8 May 2020, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Special Sessions’ organizers

– opened for the organizers until 20 September 2019 (Link)
version 10 August 2019)

A simple procedure for organizing the ISCCRO’20 Special Session is described below:

  1. The Organizer/ Proposer of a Special Session should create the proposal as one-page Word document being a Special Session Call for Papers (CfP), according to the example given as follows:

Template for PROPOSAL_ISCCRO20 Special Session Call for Papers_SS TopicAcronym.docx


Since, the plan is to have at least four participants/speakers in such a Session, and according to planned paper titles, four to six Special Sessions Keywords should be listed in the proposal. An appropriate acronym of the Special Session Title given by the Organizer would be welcome!

  1. Such a Special Session Call for Papers (CfP), which is still a proposal, should be send to the ISCCRO’20 Program Chair to: conference@hsd-stat.hr, not later than 20 September 2019.
  2. After the ISCCRO’20 Scientific Committee approve such a proposal (within 10 days), the accepted final versionl will be saved as a PDF document and named as the ISCCRO20 Special Session CfP_ACRONYM.pdf, and will be announced  for dissemination.

The SS Organizer should list at least four authors (names, affiliations and e-mail addresses) of the probable participants/presenters, planned to contribute his/her SS.

The SS organizer does not have to get burden with other administration at all, since the ISCCRO’20 Scientific and Organizing Committees will collect all the “Abstracts only” or “Abstracts + Full Papers”, according the information announced at the links for

Instructions to Authors and Registration and Payment.

We appreciate to receive your proposal according to the given instructions until the 20 September 2019. After the 1 October 2019, all the ISCCRO’20 Special Sessions’ Call for Papers will be announced at the conference website.

Hope to cooperate with you and see you and your colleagues at the ISCCRO’20 in Dubrovnik on 7-8 May 2020!

NOTE: Additional question about the ISCCRO’20 SS organizing, should be asked at conference@hsd-stat.hr

List of the ISCCRO’20 Special Sessions: (Not finalized yet)

Past  ISCCRO Conferences Special Session Example:
Special Session: Young Statisticians in Action (Code: SS-YSA)
– Call for Papers SS-YSA at ISCCRO’18  Details for 2020 TBA
until 01 October 2019
– Organizer: Croatian Statistical Association (Chair/s: TBA

Who should apply for SS-YSA? Students and/or those who practice statistical research up to 10 years.
Both options, “Abstracts only” and “Full Papers” may be applied. This session is suitable for original manuscripts written by “young statistican/s”, i.e.  students and/or those who practice statistical research up to 10 years.)
NOTE: Student should approve his/her status of being “a student”/ “a young statistician”.
AWARD: The best original Full Paper (not “abstract only”) will be awarded, according to the registration of applicant student/s. If there are any co-authors, they all should be students/young statisticians, too. A special CSA Awards Scientific Board will decide about the award.

Special Session: TBA

Special Session: TBA

: In the Special Sessions both “Abstracts only” and “Full Papers” options may be applied according to the Instructions to Authors
Only “Full Papers” and not “Abstracts only” can be awarded at the ISCCRO’20.