Instructions to authors

Only the original, not yet published scientific and highly professional manuscripts/submissions from diverse areas of theoretical statistics and statistical methodology end emerging areas and applications are appreciated. The official language of the  ISCCRO’20 conference is English.

The ISCCRO Registration and Submission System is open.

The ISCCRO’20 authors may select one of the following two options:
       (1) the “Abstract Only” option, or
       (2) the “Full Paper” option.
NOTE: All the author/s should submit an Abstract, firstly.

The submission process consists of the following steps.

1. Authors first submit the Abstract via Registration and Submission System, and select one of two options: Abstract Only or Full Paper, according to Important Dates

The Abstract with 250 words must include the purpose and objective of the research, data and methods and the main conclusions plus explicit mentioning the narrow field of contribution to statistics or targeted audience.
Up to four Keywords should be given.
JEL classification codes should be given (at least two).

With the Abstract Acceptance Notification  the authors will receive a submission code, which is unique per paper.

2. Editorial Board makes a decision about Abstract acceptance.

3. Authors who participate with the option Abstract Only should proceed with registration following the Registration & Payment instructions.

4. Authors who participate with the Full Paper option submit the Paper in Word.docx or Word.doc through Registration and Submission System, which will be opened starting from 25th August 2019.

Full Paper, created according to the conference paper template, should be named as Surname_Name_Paper.docx  (according to the First Author name, e.g. Horvath_Peter_Paper.docx), and should be submitted on time

When the Authors have registered and submitted a manuscript via system, a unique sumbission code will be provided. 
Corrected Final Full Paper should be named as the Word document named as PaperCode_Surname_Name.docx.  

5. The decision about Full Paper acceptance is conducted based on a double review.

6. Authors with accepted papers proceed with registration at Registration and Submission System , following Registration & Payment instructions and respecting Important Dates


NOTICE #1: You may apply your Abstract/Paper for one of the ISCCRO’20 Special Sessions, using the same templates and recommendations as for the regular sessions! Special Sessions’ Call will be announced before 1 October 2019. 

NOTICE #2: The authors may ask for their papers to be considered for publishing either in Proceedings or in one of the offered journals. The selected (and presented) conference Full Papers will be invited and recommended for publishing in one of the international scientific journals:

(1) Croatian Review of Economic, Business and Social Statistics – CREBSS (in 2019 or 2020 regular issues or a Special Issue), published by Croatian Statistical Association and De Gruyter Sciendo (open accessed, indexed in EconLit). The CREBSS papers should have 3,000-8,000 words in total, with 6 Keywords and 250 words of Abstract, according to the  CREBSS Authors Instructions); or
(2) Businesss Sysems Research – BSR (published as open accessed by De Gruyter Sciendo, indexed in Scopus and WoS). 

NOTICE #3: Multiple ISCCRO’20 submissions are possible. Each submission must have it’s own Registration Fee fully paid. When there is more than one author of the paper, at least one author must be registered with fully paid Registration Fee and the others should apply and pay as accompanying authors.

NOTICE #4: If one of the authors (e.g., the paper presenter) is registered fully, the Accompanying Author’s Fee allows her/him to attend the conference with none of the ISCCRO’20 Conference materials available.

NOTICE #5: In the case a VISA for visiting Croatia is needed, unfortunately, the ISCCRO Conference Organizer is not able to support any VISA application process. 

NOTICE #6: Presenters are expected to be prepared with 10 minutes presentations allowing to other participants to present their papers completely in parallel sessions, too. To be fully prepared, 10-12 PPT slides are recommended.

NOTICE #7: Assigned Sessions’ Chairs are encouraged to manage each Session according to this recommendation, showing the transparencies with the text: “5 minutes” and “2 minutes” to the end of the talk.

NOTICE#8: Questions should be asked by sending an e-mail to the Conference Chair: