About ISCCRO’20

The 3rd International Statistical Conference in Croatia – ISCCRO’20,
7-8 May 2020, Dubrovnik, Croatia

TOPIC: „Contemporary Issues in Statistical Methods and Data Science Applications”

 CONFERENCE VENUE: Centre for Advanced Academic Studies (CAAS)
University of Zagreb, 20000 Dubrovnik, Street Don Frana Bulica 4, Croatia

 About the  ISCCRO’20 
The third International Statistical Conference in Croatia- ISCCRO’20, organized by the Croatian Statistical Association (CSA), will take place from 7 to 8 May 2020, in Dubrovnik, the World heritage UNESCO protected city, ranked as No. 1 touristic destination of the World. The conference will cover statistical topics and areas, but also similar and related areas and multidisciplinary fields. It will provide a platform for international and national networking and exchange of ideas on various aspects of statistics and related professional and scientific areas and  brings together researchers and practitioners from various aspects of statistical profession and science with the aim of establishing contacts, presenting scientific ideas and experiences. 

Who should apply for and attend the international conference ISCCRO?
To apply for the ISCCRO conference you might not only be a Statistician, but also of some other title that might include: Business Analyst, Professor, Researcher, Student, Economist, Software Engineer, Mathematician, Risk Analyst, Quality Analyst, Investigator, Environmental Scientist, Pharmaceutical Engineer, Data Analyst, Project Manager, Manager, etc. 

You should attend the ISCCRO because of the range of theoretical and practical statistical topics, discussed by a wider audience, this conference is unique in Croatia. Invited people gather scientists, data producers and data users. Therefore, this is the best place for sharing and exchanging information and building networks, both domestic and international, where each learns from the other. Besides regular ISCCRO Publications, Book of Abstracts and ISCCRO Proceedings, the opportunities are offered for publishing your paper in variety of journals. After Scientific Committee recommendation, and your preferences, there are:
**Croatian Review of Economic, Business and Social Statistics (CREBSS) –  an EconLIt cited Open Accessed journal;
**Business System Research –
an Open Accessed journal, indexed in WoS and Scopis (Q3). 

Past ISCCRO’18
At the second International Statistical Conference in Croatia- ISCCRO’18, with  the CONFERENCE TOPIC:
„New Advances in Statistical Methods Applications for a Better World“, which took place from the 10th May to the 11th May 2018 in Opatija, at the beautiful seaside of Croatia, gathered 188 authors, coming from 19 countries and Croatia, gave 100 submissions for presentation, half of them as Abstract Only and half of them as Full Papers, split in a variety of sessions in two parallel lines during two conference days of presentations, plus four of them being Invited Lectures. Croatian Statistical Association co-organized five Special Sessions, as follows: Spreading out Official Statistics in the Digital World, organized by Maja Pekeč from Croatian Bureau of Statistics; Econometric Modelling for Fiscal Policy Making in European Union Countries, chaired by Assistant Professor Irena Palić, PhD, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business, Zagreb, Croatia; Economic and Social Effects of Demographic Trends, chaired by Professor Ana Štambuk, PhD, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Economics, Rijeka, Croatia; Recent Advances in Robust Statistics for High-dimensional Settings and Techniques for Handling Large Spatial Data, organized by Professor Taps Maiti, PhD, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA & Asuman S. Turkmen, Ohio State University, Newark, USA; and Quantitative Analysis for Faster Development of the South East European Countries, organized by Assoc. Professor Blagica Novkovska, PhD, from University of Tourism and Management in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Croatian Statistical Association organized the Special Session Young Statisticians in Action, chaired by Professor Anamarija Jazbec, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Forestry and Professor Mirta Benšić, coming from J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Deptartment of Mathematics, too.

The conference hosted the authors from Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Republic of Macedonia, Russian Federation, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom and USA.

At the ISCCRO’18, two publications were published
       *** “Proceedings of the ISCCRO – International Statistical Conference in Croatia”, Volume 2, No.1, 2018 (The 2nd International Statistical Conference in Croatia- ISCCRO18, 10-11 May 2018, Opatija, Croatia),  (Electronic ISSN: 1849-9872; CD), includes 24 selected full conference papers writen by the international authors with the share larger than 50%.
       *** “Book of Abstracts of the ISCCRO – International Statistical Conference in Croatia”, Volume 2, No.1, 2018 (The 2nd International Statistical Conference in Croatia-ISCCRO’18, 10-11 May 2018, Opatija, Croatia), (Online ISSN 2584-3850; Print ISSN 1849-9864), which contains four Plenary Speech abstracts and 96 contributed abstracts of the talks presented at the ISCCRO’18 Conference.

The International Scientific Program Committee, which is the Editorial Board of the ISCCRO’18, includes 118 scientists and professionals, from all over the World, 60% of them being from outside of Croatia. The ISCCRO’18 International Organizing Commetee is comprised of the statisticians from four countries: Croatia, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia and Slovenia, which is the proof of the international importance of the ISCCRO conference. The anonymous double-blind peer review by the two independent reviewers was applied to the all the papers. After the ISCCRO’18, special recognitions were given for outstanding contributions of the ISCCRO Scientific Committee members, presenters and organizers.

Past ISCCRO’2016 
The 1st conference ISCCRO’2016,  with the CONFERENCE TOPIC: „New Challenges of Official and Applied Statistics in European Union“ , held on 5-6 May 2016 in Zagreb, gathered 120 authors from 11 countries with 55 Abstracts, published in the Book of Abstracts of the International Statistical Conference in Croatia  (of the ISCCRO16), and 35 Full Papers, published in the Proceedings of the International Statistical Conference in Croatia (of the ISCCRO’16) (on CD), covering the following topics: Advances in Applied Statistical Methods and Methodology; Biometrics in Action; Econometrics and Economics Applications; Official Statistics Continuum: Some History and Recent Methodological Novelties; Social Statistics Applications.