Conference Topics & INVITATION for Special Sessions proposals




THE ISCCRO’18 REGULAR TOPICS/ STREAMS are defined as follows:

·  Applications of Statistics ·  Medical Statistics
·  Communicating & Teaching Statistics ·  Biometrics
·  Data Science ·  Methods & Theory
·  Environmental/ Spatial Statistics ·  Official Statistics & Public Policy
·  Industry & Commerce ·  Social Statistics

Special Sessions’ Topics  proposals are possible! The cross-discipline applied submissions are welcome!


for the ISCCRO’18 Special Sessions’ proposals

is open until 16 October 2017 (NEW DATE)

The Special Session organizer should design his/her proposal as the Word document called ISCCRO18 Special Session Call for Papers_ACRONYM.docx (one page only), with the following information in it:

  • The organizer information: Name and Surname, Title, Affiliation, Country.
  • The Special Session details: Title (and the chosen acronym), Special Session Abstract of 150 to 250 words and 4-6 Special Session’s Keywords (as the proposed subtopics).

The Special Session organizer, being the Chair, should invite and plan to have at least four papers to be presented at the Special Session, and create the Word document, named as ISCCRO18 Special Session Call for Papers_ACRONYM.docx , which should be sent to the ISCCRO’18 Conference Program Chair to: or, not later than 16 October 2017

When creating the Call for Papers for the Special Session, the Session organizer may use the following examples for help:
Example of the ISCCRO18 Special Session Call for Papers_Acronym SRIL (Word document)
Example of the ISCCRO18 Special Session Call for Papers_Acronym SRIL (PDF document)

ALL THE ISCCRO’18 AUTHORS, and so for the Special Sessions, may choose between two possibilities:
(1) the “Abstract only” option, or
(2) the “Full Paper” option.

NOTE: All the author/s participating in all the regular and Special Sessions should submit an Abstract firstly, until November 20, 2017, using the Instructions to authors. Those who wish, may stay with the “Abstract only” option as the final, and the others may send the Full Paper according to Important dates.



Areas / Fields of Application:
Original, not yet published papers in English from diverse areas of statistics and methodology are appreciated:
• Actuarial Science
• Bayesian Statistics
• Biometrics
• Business Forecasting
• Business Statistics
• Computational Statistics / Graphics
• Data Coding and Editing
• Data Collection Methods
• Demographic Statistics
• Design of Experiments / Clinical Trials
• Econometrics
• Health Statistics and Epidemiology
• Local and Central Government / Official Statistics
• Measurement
• Missing Data and Imputation
• Multivariate Analysis
• National Accounts
• Nonparametric Statistics
• Observational Studies
• Probability and Mathematical Statistics
• Psychometrics
• Quality Management in Statistical Research
• Regression Generalised Linear/ Multilevel Models
• Social Science Methodology
• Spatial Statistics / Image Analysis
• Statistical Education
• Statistical Inference
• Statistical Issues in Measurement and Survey Questionnaire Design
• Statistical Methods for Decision Making
• Statistical Process and Quality Control Methods
• Statistical Research Quality and Methodology Information
• Stochastics
• Survey Research Methods
• Survey Sampling Techniques
• Time Series Modelling
• Uncertainty and Risk Analysis
• Other special, cross- and multi-disciplinary areas, such as: Data Mining/ Pattern Recognition, Simulation Modelling, Optimization and Mathematical Programming, Big Data, Data Privacy, ets.

• Statistical applications in various disciplines: sociology, psychology, economics, business, finance, banking and insurance, marketing, opinion polling, management, demographics, kinesiology, biology, ecology and environmental studies, pharmaceutics, ICT, medicine, agriculture, industry, construction, engineering, physics, law, sports/ leisure, etc.

Besides the new or improved statistical methods, applied paper submissions are especially appreciated.