Croatian Statistical Association (CSA) will award its’ members and the ISCCRO’18 participants who are fully registersed and who will present in English their full original papers, after the proposal of the Chairs and the judgement of the CSA Awards Scientific Committee. The awards will be given in the following sessions:

  • Special Session Communication of Official Statistics (SS-COS) Award
    Organizers: Croatian Bureau of Statistics (Chairs: Marko Krištof & Maja Pekeč) and Croatian Statistical Association
    Who should apply? The authors who are employed, i.e. engaged in cooperation with any of the Official Statistics stakeholders or who developed any of relevant Official Statistics topics, giving a significant improvement and contribution to this area . all are welcome to apply!
  • Special Session Young Statisticians in Action (SS-YSA) Award
    – Call for Papers

    Organizers: Croatian Statistical Association (Chairs: Prof. Dr. Mirta Benšić, J. J. Strossmayer Univ. of Osijek, Dept. of Mathematics, Osijek, Croatia & Prof. Dr. Anamarija Jazbec, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Forestry, Zagreb, Croatia)
    Who should apply for SS-YSA? Students and/or those who practice statistical research up to 8 years.
    Both “Abstracts only” and “Full Papers” may be applied. This session is suitable for original manuscripts written by “young statistican/s”, i.e.  students and/or those who practice statistical research up to 8 years.)
    AWARD: The best original Full Paper (not “abstract only”) will be awarded, according to the registration of applicant student/s. If there are co-authors, they all should be students/young statisticians, too. A special Awards Scientific Board will decide about the award.
    NOTE: Student should approve his/her status of being “a student”/ “a young statistician”.
  • The Best ISCCRO’18 Paper Award upon the ISCCRO’18 Sessions Chairs’ proposals.


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