Instructions for Authors

Croatian Review of Economic, Business and Social Statistics (CREBSS)

Publisher: Hrvatsko statističko društvo (Croatian Statistical Association); Ilica 3, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Online Publisher: DE GRUYTER POLAND, Bogumiła Zuga 32A Str., 01-811 Warsaw, Poland
Printed: ISSN 1849-8531
Online: ISSN 2459-5616 (announced at the De Gruyter’ Sciendo Service site
UDK: 33;519,2
DOI: 10.1515/crebss
Cited in: Hrčak (the central portal of Croatian scientific journals base)

For authors:

* Original, not yet published scientific and highly professional papers in English should be provided.

* Prior to the main text of the paper, the Author(s) information (Institution, affiliation, address, and e-mail address), Abstract, Keywords, JEL classification, and Acknowledgments (if needed) have to be provided.

* At the end, after the Conclusions and References, the Appendices, if needed, and the authors’ short CVs should be given.

  • Maximum title length is 15 words. Title should be concise, informative and accurate.
  • Abstract should be brief and clear giving the point; up to 250 words, containing the following information:
    • research problem and objective of the research,
    • methodology short description (data and methods), and
    • the main results/conclusions.
  • The paper should include: introduction to the research problem and goal, with theoretical background; literature review; precise research methodology description (data and methods); the main results with discussion; and conclusions; ending with references. Necessary tables and charts, as well as formulas, should be included. The expected scientific contribution and usefulness of the paper, as well as limitations of the research, should be mentioned. The Harvard referencing style should be followed.
  • Length of the paper should be from 3.000 to 8.000 words.
  • Maximum 6 keywords are allowed, ordered alphabetically.
  • JEL classification of the paper should be submitted according to the classification scheme available at the link
  • If applicable, Acknowledgments may be added before proceeding to the chapter Introduction.

The following chapters of the paper are recommended:

  • Introduction (should contain clear description of the research problem, goal and hypothesis)
  • Literature Review (should be relevant and recent with Harvard referencing style)
  • Research Methodology
    • Data (should be fully defined in space and time, with precise measurement units and data sources)
    • Methods (authors should mention only necessary notation, formulas and steps when describing methods and developing models)
  • Results and Discussion (clear interpretations of the results should be given; limitations of the research should be mentioned; it should be emphasised if there would be any new contribution of the paper; are there any further research that might be suggested)
  • Conclusions (brief summary of the most important results and contribution; usefulness and recommendations should be mentioned)
  • References (referencing must strictly follow the recommendations for Harvard style see the template)

* Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the author(s) should be provided at the end of the text with max. length of 200 words.

The CREBSS paper templates (version July 2018) are given here:

Authors should send their papers to the e-mail address:

Only papers double-blindly reviewed and accepted by two independent reviewers , checked for similarity are published in CREBSS journal.